Reasons We build computers! – Not just another device that will slowdown, become out-dated and die!

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People DON’T BUILD computers! because they are cheaper and better in every way, than manufactured or pre-assembled PC’s! Like:

laptops, notebooks, net-books, tablets and desktop,

But the truth is! A computer you build yourself is cheaper and better in every way!

But this is not the reason we build them!

We build computers is because they are faster more reliable more efficient and renewable!

  • easy to upgrade!
  • easy to fix when there is a problem!

Mobile – Never been so Powerful!

We can access custom PC’s from anywhere! From a wireless mobile screen around your home or business. Even access it through any smartphone. More productive and vastly more entertained with a more powerful computer, right from your TV screen in the living room kitchen bedroom. We can make them do: Whatever we want… Whenever we want… Wherever we want..!

Not tied to manufactures – We decide what type to build!

When a component goes horribly wrong, it can be replace with any number of different components, which are readily available. Upgrading your computer to the latest technology with ease and no compatibility issues. And not have to worry about high prices of replacement parts, like you would with a manufactured PC.

Repeat buying of Manufactured PC – A time consuming and wasting money cycle!

Set it up the way you like it. Reinstall all your favorite software, transfer all your data. Most users don’t want to know, which is the fastest computer or which has the slickest or thinnest design or which color best suits home or business!

Users want computers that preform all the tasks they need it for, and do it fast reliably and efficiently.  And consistently working this way, for as long as they need it! If you want that result stop buying manufactured PC’s.

If you want your computer, data and programs to last! You have to build it or get it built for you!

Getting help! by a reputable PC builder! You have so much to gain, doing it this way…

  • You’ll find out how easy it is to do it yourself!
  • Renew-ability “Upgrading” {At a cost of 20% of a new Computer every 3-5 years}
  • Money saved over a life time ( Estimated savings over a 20 year period €20,000!)
  • Time wasted! Trying to get a manufactured PC to do something, it’s just not designed to do… priceless!

Now I can help and so can 1000’s of others! But be wary of over charges for services, in fact, you probably won’t have to use my service for more than a “30min to an hour” which will be a video call or phone call, where I will discuss and show you how to get clear about what it is you want the computer to be able to do!

Going through every part you need to build a fast reliable efficient computer within whatever you budget is! And if needs be, I can be there when you actually building the computer, which will be discussed in our 30min session!

Now! I’m here for the long haul…

When you need to upgrade! maintain! or fix it! when it breaks,  I’m here! Check out my YouTube channel and you will see, I answer all comments and never leaving anyone hanging!

Make contact and get your computing sorted once and for all… So that you can have, a computer that will last for as long as you want!

Subscribe if you want to get my latest videos on what I think is broken and wrong in the computing industry! And what are the latest advances in technology, and can they be install in a custom built PC!

Leave comments as I said, I answer all comments! So any problems you are having will be addressed and if I can’t help you! because I’m to busy or I just don’t have an answer to your problem I will point you in the right direction, so you can get that problem sorted. That’s what it’s all about “communication” get connected!

Get whatever is on your mind sorted. Talk to ya soon! and thanks for reading!

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