Computer slows down – And everything you try fails!

Did you ever wonder why your computer is slow, when everything you try fails! All software possibilities exhausted! tweaking setting, clean the drive, running malware spyware scans and maybe installed more memory, All to no avail!

ssd vs disk drive1

Well have you thought about the “Hard Drive” being the cause? 9 out of 10 times, if you have tried the usual suspects as mentioned above. The caused of your slow PC is a “Disk Drive”.  Disk drives (mechanical drives) once they start slowing, can’t be reversed.

And this process of natural deterioration starts to show it’s ugly side, after 12 months or so! And some times even earlier depending on the quality of the disk drive, and what you use the PC for! rendering, editing, gaming, storing.

So if you want to see a huge improvement in the speed of your computer you will need to replace the disk drive with a new one!

Now if you want to see your computer achieve even better results! Preventing a PC from slowing down due to poor preforming mechanical drives.  Replace that disk drive with a SSD (solid state drive) €80 for a 120GB drive.

This type of drive will not need to be replaced every 1 – 2 years! SSD’s are far more reliable than a disk drive, and you will not see the speed of your computer drop off over time!

You get a “3 year” warranty with all  SSD’s compared to a “one year” warranty with disk drives. Best makers of SSD’s are Intel, Samsung & OCZ. And yes, it does make a huge difference what type of SSD you buy! Get advice on such matters, no point shouting in the dark!

What I hope you get from this post! Is that Disk Drives are not reliable and should not be used in computers! Especially home or business computers!
Leave a comment let me know what you think! what’s the best SSD’s out there, and whats the best bang for buck!

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